Overview of the Promotional Modeling Industry and How to Get Started

What is Promotional Modeling?

What is promotional modeling?  It is a kind of marketing strategy being adopted by most businesses in present times.  It is because of its effectiveness and flexibility in nature, pushes sales more, and gives every business an edge market wise. In this kind of marketing strategy, companies use promotional models to do the job.

What are promotional models? They are models that promote companies brand of product or services during an event.  They are hired permanently or temporarily by businesses to have a personal interaction with customers.  Others are provided and, in this case, they are not modeling for TV and magazines, but a good body and excellent communication skills are a must.

How is it done? This kind of modeling allows the consumers to interact directly with the product. This happens when their brand ambassadors, make direct contact with the consumers.  Here are some examples of promotional modeling.

  1. Food testing. It is usually done in malls, supermarkets or grocery stores, and in many places where there are crowds of people.
  2. Car Show. This is the kind of event that every an automobile company cannot afford to ignore. This is the time for them to showcase their latest car models, and at the same time, engage their promotional models to interact with the visitors. They will grab the attention of the people by handing out leaflets or brochures and may introduce the product to them through public speaking.
  3. Trade Expo. This is another big event, which every business wants to be a part of, as it is one chance to showcase their product.  Again, promotional models can be utilized to deal with the customers face-to-face.

There are many more events and activities where promotional modeling is being used. However, not every business are assured of being able to leverage or maximize the presence of a large crowd.  It still depends on the planning and the skills of their promotional models.

Here are some high profile promotional models:

  1. Michael Jordan for Nike shoes. The company designed a model bearing his name.  It is because of Jordan’s fame as a basketball player, and capacity to influence a large number of followers.
  2. Messi.  Another name is Messi who is a famous football player.  Adidas, which is a well-known footwear company, also designed shoes in his name.

These are just 2 of the many high profile promotional models in the world.  There are still many in different industries such as:

  1. Automobile/cars
  2. Shoes/Shirts
  3. Watches
  4. Sunglasses and many more.

Promotional brand ambassadors usually are not paid a monthly salary, except for those high profile models mentioned above. Most often, regular promotional models are being paid for whatever sales they have made. They are provided with the necessary tools, uniforms, and all logistical support.  Professional modeling is an earlier kind of business marketing, but it is an excellent option regarding being used as a marketing strategy. That is the reason why big companies still embrace this kind of method for promoting their products and services.

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